Client Service Administrators

At Vestia, Client Service Administrators do the heavy lifting of coordinating your entire financial life behind the scenes. They make sure you and your advisors know what needs to happen and when. They are the best first point of contact whenever you have a service question.

Meet Lindsey
Lindsey Hanson,
Client Service Administrator
Meet Kim
Kim Pham-Gallihugh, FPQP
Client Service Administrator
Meet Judy
Judy Combs
Client Service Administrator
Meet Wendy
Wendy Helmkamp
Client Service Administrator
Meet Abbey
Abbey Clark
Client Service Administrator
Meet Annie
Annie Leible
Client Service Administrator

Negotiation Specialist

When it comes to contract negotiation, Total Value Maximization™ requires training on a multi-disciplined level.

Meet Greg
Greg Allen, MBA
Negotiation Specialist


At Vestia, we approach things differently than most financial firms. There’s intentionally no majority owner with their last name on the door. Instead, we have a full partnership track much like a law firm or medical practice might have.

These outstanding advisors support the work of our partners.

Meet Jen
Jen Chatfield, AAMS®
Financial Advisor
Meet Kiley
Kiley Kastl
Financial Advisor
Meet Jacque
Jacque Denson
Financial Advisor
Meet Kameron
Kameron Helmuth, CFP®, ChFC®
Financial Advisor
Meet Christy
Christy King
Support Advisor
Meet Riley
Riley Reimschisel
Financial Advisor
Meet Chris
Chris Robbins
Financial Advisor

Partners & Executives

At Vestia, nobody is on an eat-what-you-kill model. Instead, we desire to be the most collaborative firm in the world. As such we designed our entire infrastructure to support total collaboration.

In other words, when you work with one of us, you’re truly gaining support from all of us. This allows our advisors to specialize across various practice groups, so if they’re not the right advisor for you, they know one who will be.

Meet Forrest
Forrest Friedow
Partner, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer
Meet Cameron
Cameron Heasley, CFP®
Meet Tommy
Tommy Martin,
Partner & CEO
Meet Lauren
Lauren Oschman,
Partner, CMO & CXO
Meet Andy
Andy Parker,
Partner & CIO
Meet Brad
Brad Quick
Partner, President & COO
Meet Michael
Michael Trent, MBA
Partner & CTO

Office Administrators

Our back office cannot run without the outstanding team members and partners who make it happen day in and day out.

Meet Julianne
Julianne Littlejohn
Executive Personal Assistant
Meet Angie
Angie Gallmeyer
Office Administrator, Corporate Headquarters
Meet Joe
Joe Metcalf, MPAS®
IT & Operations Manager
Meet Stacy
Stacy Sizemore
Chief Compliance Officer