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This Saturday, March 30, 2024, is a special day to our team at Vestia Personal Wealth Advisors – a day wholly dedicated to celebrating the doctors that make what we do possible! In our eyes – doctors are superheroes. We see your selfless efforts – your time away from family, your nights and weekends spent treating injury and sickness that don’t adhere to a convenient schedule. We watch in awe as you sustain focus and fight for the good of your patients. We are so grateful for your efforts not just on Doctor’s Day, but every day. 

BUILDING A SUCCESSFUL PRACTICE – CHARLOTTE 2024 Kameron Helmuth, CFP©, CHFC©, Brad Quick, CEPA© Abstract: Recently, some published literature has highlighted the lack of general financial training and resource for among [...]

We are extremely honored to announce Jacquelyn Denson, CFP® as our newest Partner at Vestia Personal Wealth Advisors! Jacque has been with Vestia since our founding in 2018 and [...]

As a financial services firm entrusted with managing the wealth of individuals like yourself, Vestia understands the paramount importance of safeguarding your sensitive financial information in an increasingly digital world. [...]

There are several benefits to going through a 401k rollover process – some of which can even save you money in the long-run! Let’s dive into three options and why [...]

When was the last time you checked on your estate plan? Whether it’s been one year or a decade, it may be time to take a look and ensure that [...]

When you get ready to relax and unwind, what comes to mind? Perhaps it’s the spot on the beach you’ve been traveling to over the last 10 years, or maybe [...]

If you had the opportunity to share in your company’s success directly, would you do it? Employee Stock Options (ESOs) aren’t available to all doctors, so you may not know [...]

We’re celebrating Women’s History Month with special blog content curated just for Women Physicians! Today, we’re diving into how some gender roles can negatively impact women physicians through both work [...]

We’re continuing our Women’s History month celebrations with new content, just for women physicians. Today, we’re tackling the topic of the gender wealth gap.  The gender wealth gap prevails in [...]

You’ve decided to open your orthopedic practice—Congratulations! While building your patient base, hiring the right people, and practicing what you love, we believe keeping an eye on your (and your [...]

We believe physician contract negotiation is an essential step in your employment journey, but it can be overwhelming. You may notice non-solicitation or confidentiality agreements in the employment process, generally [...]

Your finances are in order, right? If you hesitated at all, it may now be the time to look! Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out on your [...]

In life, it’s easy to fall into an “I’ll do it tomorrow” mindset. And when the “tomorrows” add up like compound interest, years can fly by in the blink of [...]

The end of the year is full of the hustle and bustle of the holidays, but it’s also a great time to “clean up” your investments. Regular portfolio rebalancing is [...]

It feels great to check things off your list—but what should be on your year-end money list as a physician? Let's look at the top money moves we believe physicians [...]

Women live about 5 years longer than their male counterparts, on average. This longevity gap means that women may need to pay extra attention to how they’re saving for retirement, [...]

Do you know just how valuable your leased car is? You’re about to find out! In 2022, cars are pretty much worth their weight in gold—an unheard-of feat brought about [...]

Orthopedic surgeons are among the most specialized in the medical space. While you work extremely hard to make a comfortable living for yourself and your family, could you make your [...]

Welcome to benefits season! While it may not be your first rodeo, there are some things physicians can do to prepare for open enrollment.  1. Enroll In The Right Medical [...]

Owning a business means you may have creative ways to help save for your kids’ education.  With the average cost of tuition tipping $35,000 per year, saving early and consistently [...]

When you look at your investments, you’re likely only seeing if you made or lost money. That high-level snapshot isn’t comprehensive enough to determine how well your assets are really [...]

Investing in real estate can be a smart money move for physicians if it fits into their financial goals. The “best” way for doctors to invest depends on how much [...]

When you look at your investments, you’re likely only seeing if you made or lost money. That high-level snapshot isn’t comprehensive enough to determine how well your assets are really [...]

Your unique views on money directly influence how you use it, and your mindset toward money can drastically impact your financial wellbeing. Your money mindset affects your decisions and helps [...]

Hiring a financial advisor can feel overwhelming. Deciding who to consult and trust with your financial well-being is a big deal! On top of the enormity of sharing your finances [...]

Suitable disability insurance is critical for all physicians, but there are additional factors women physicians should understand. From high premiums to gender-specific exclusions, women physicians are put in a unique [...]

It’s no secret that doctors can have a hefty amount of student debt.  And a viable option for many physicians in the public/nonprofit sector is Public Service Loan Forgiveness to [...]

Taxes don’t just begin and end in April—financial planners and advisors help physicians consider their tax strategy all year long. Creating an efficient tax strategy can help reduce your tax [...]

Are you in the market for a new home? Join the club.  The housing market is still roaring strong, and as the spring rapidly approaches, there will be more open [...]

Many doctors prioritize their financial health and seek to pass that trait onto their children. Plus, given the current state of financial literacy in the U.S., most education about money [...]

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on nearly every aspect of physicians’ lives—jobs, relationships, personal fulfillment—and now, childcare.  Procuring quality, affordable childcare has only become more challenging for families throughout the pandemic. [...]

Inflation has been front and center in the financial media for weeks, and it’s not hard to see why.  It has reached record levels—up to 7.5% over the past twelve [...]

If you type in “stock market crash/correction X year” into a search engine, you’ll have no trouble finding an article that speculates a market doomsday or a sure-fire bull run, [...]

What’s a physician’s most valuable asset? There’s a lot to choose from (education, job impact, salary, etc.), but many would agree that their most valuable asset is time—the time they [...]

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