Vestia Vue ™
A Comprehensive 360º Overview Coordinating Your Financial Life with Your Motivators and Values
Disciplined Wealth Management

An evidence-based approach designed to optimize outcomes and minimize long-term taxes

Progressive Planning
Your Plan Takes Shape Through a Minimally Invasive Format, to Protect Your Calendar
The Vestia Process
A Better Starting Point for You
As a physician, your life is busy and complicated. We make financial planning easy and manageable so you can focus on the things that matter most to you.

Some advisors will not complete a comprehensive financial plan for you without a commitment to move all of your investment assets to them. We believe it’s best for everybody if we take time to get to know one another before a long-term commitment like that is made. Instead of starting with your investments, we start the process with a one to three month 360º overview designed to coordinate your motivators and values with a plan to turn your inhibitors into resources – we call this The Vestia Vue™.

Progressive Planning
Develop A Plan that Brings Order and Consistency to Your Financial Life
  • Leverage Innovative Tax Strategies
  • Negotiate/Re-Negotiate Your Contract*
  • Audit Your Medical Practice Efficiency
  • Maximize Your Retirement Planning
  • Coordinate Multiple Investment Accounts for Tax Efficiency and Risk
  • Protect Your Assets from Unforeseen Circumstances
  • Safeguard Loved Ones

*Contract negotiation services are offered through Vestia Contract Negotiation, a separate company, under separate engagement.

Personalized Service
We work together to determine the best ongoing approach for your needs. You can choose to engage with us through the service model that works best for you and your plan.

Vestia Disciplined Wealth Management

  • Real Coordination of Accounts
  • Integration with Motivators and Values
  • Evidence-Based Research
  • Competitive Cost
  • Access to Products not Generally Available to Retail Investors

In rare circumstances, a client may only want to access our Disciplined Wealth Management platform without engaging us for ongoing planning services. We consider this on a case by case basis.

Vestia Collaborate

We work with you.

If you prefer the proactive guidance of an advisor who knows your financial life well can provide highly relevant advice every step of the way, then Vestia Collaborate may be the right service for you.

When combined with the Vestia Disciplined Wealth Management platform, your entire financial life is coordinated with the collaborative assistance of a proactive advisor.

Vestia On Call
We are available, but you do the work.

If you desire to maintain responsibility for the big picture of your financial life but prefer an advisor on call for you if needed, then the Vestia On Call service may be right for you.

When combined with the Vestia Disciplined Wealth Management platform, you have an advisor’s foundational support while you maintain control of your overall financial life.

Fair Pricing
We believe advisors should always do what’s in the best interest of their clients. With advisors who charge fees primarily for assets under management, you end up paying the same amount as your colleague whose situation is more complex than yours. This means if you’re a low maintenance client, then you’re subsidizing the cost for the advisor to assist your more complex colleagues.

At Vestia, we believe in fair pricing. Regardless of which ongoing service model you use, we follow a standard protocol for pricing that is based on the actual complexity and time requirements of your situation.

Want to know if you’re currently subsidizing your colleagues with your current fee structure?
We’re Here for You
We believe advisors should be free to offer the right solutions for their clients without the conflict of interest that comes when one product pays a bigger commission than another. At Vestia, our advisors do not receive any direct commissions for recommending one investment product over another. Rather, our advisors sit on the same side of the table as you.