Our Story

The Beginning

Lauren Oschman, CFP®, CDFA®, grew up in a household where her father was an interventional cardiologist. He was also the smartest man she knew.

Despite being renowned as an expert in his medical specialty, he and Lauren’s mom didn’t know all the answers for their most pressing financial questions. Between work and managing life with four kids, time and energy were limited, and there wasn’t anyone available who could seamlessly support them in managing their financial lives.

Inspired to help others physician families, Lauren and four incredible partners co-founded Vestia, with a mission to help the highest caliber physicians achieve Wealth That Matters®. 

Fast forward to today, team Vestia focuses on helping physicians from a wide variety of specializations across the country by acting as their financial first assist. From contract negotiations, to building a retirement plan, to benefits enrollment and answering day-to-day questions about money management – we’re here to lighten your load so you can live more of your life.

Specialists serving specialists.

You’re a physician who is an expert in your field. At Vestia, we believe you deserve financial expertise to support your goals.

Our collective expertise, collaborative approach, and vast network ensure that, regardless of the pain point you’re experiencing, we can help. We’re committed to serving you with excellence in everything we do, and we’re proud to specialize in working with physicians – going above and beyond to partner with you throughout every stage of your life journey.

Values-Driven. Goals Focused.

We Help the Highest Caliber Physicians Achieve
Wealth That Matters®

Give a surplus.

We put others first. When in doubt, we err on the side of giving excess of ourselves and our resources.

Never let them guess.

We ask questions, tackle issues, and own our work from start to finish. We communicate frequently and candidly, even when it’s tough.

Raise your hand.

We courageously seek opportunities that challenge us. We understand that growth occurs at the edge of our comfort zone.

Model “Wealth That Matters”

We value relationships over money. We build our legacies daily by being intentional with our time.

Fly the V Formation

We keep each other energized through support, encouragement, and celebration. We know we go furthest together and collaborate whenever possible.

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