This Saturday, March 30, 2024, is a special day to our team at Vestia Personal Wealth Advisors – a day wholly dedicated to celebrating the doctors that make what we do possible! In our eyes – doctors are superheroes. We see your selfless efforts – your time away from family, your nights and weekends spent treating injury and sickness that don’t adhere to a convenient schedule. We watch in awe as you sustain focus and fight for the good of your patients. We are so grateful for your efforts not just on Doctor’s Day, but every day. 
Because we didn’t want to limit our celebration to just one day, our team has spent all week giving thanks to and celebrating physicians for their hard work and sacrifice to help their communities live longer and healthier lives. We spend most of our time in conversation with specialized physicians and their families, and because of that we have a unique vantage point to see your world. We see not just what you do, but who you are – your values, your incredible work ethic, and the constant balancing act of trying to maintain presence both at work and at home. We certainly didn’t go through medical school or the rigor of residency and fellowship, but we’ve had a front row seat supporting enough doctors on the journey that we have a deep appreciation for your commitment to your craft. We’ve seen loved ones go through illnesses and accident, and we know you are the reason some of those people are alive today, or the reason their quality of life is what it is today. We continually have to push out life expectancy in our financial plans because people are living longer, healthier lives – we know that’s because of your devoted efforts!   
So, what is a superhero? A cursory Google search will point you to fictional universes full of characters with superhuman abilities. Some can fly and possess incredible strength, others are highly intelligent and skilled with top-of-the-line tech used to fight evil. Many of these characters wear a special suit that essentially renders them unbreakable. They’ll do nearly anything to fight the bad guys and thwart any threat or harm to the human race. In the Marvel Universe, one particular character stands out. He ultimately gained power allowing him to control and bend time, but the way we read the story he was a superhero far before that. Comic fans know him as Doctor Strange, Master of the Mystic Arts, but we see him as Dr. Stephen Strange, renowned neurosurgeon – a superhero in a lab coat and scrubs. You, just like him, work selflessly without rest for long hours, possessing a level of intelligence shared by a small percentage of the population, while keeping your mind perpetually sharp, and continually honing and advancing your craft. Your super suit is your lab coat and scrubs, sometimes with a surgical mask of N95 for added protection. You perform what many would call miracles. The enemies and evil you fight come in many forms – germs, disease, and viruses intended to harm the innocent. Your weapons are your stethoscope, your scalpel, and your own intelligence and grit, and you wield them with astonishing finesse. 
As we celebrate Doctor’s Day, we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts and encourage others to do the same. Because most of us are healthy and spend our time enjoying life, it is easy to forget the enormous impact doctors have on our communities. You keep us healthy, and you give us better lives. We see the sacrifice you make to fulfill your duty, and we are so thankful you make the choice to show up for your patients each and every day. We are beyond honored to partner with you and ease a little bit of the burden you shoulder so you can have more time making memories with those you love. So, on behalf of all of us at Vestia Personal Wealth Advisors, thank you for being our Superheroes in Lab Coats and Scrubs. If you are working or on call this Doctor’s Day (as we know many of you are), thank you for your dedication. If you have the day off, we hope you have an amazing day feeling celebrated by your communities, treasured by your loved ones, and enjoying your Wealth that Matters®.