What’s Our “Values Meeting” and Why It’s Important For Your Money

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At Vestia, we’re passionate about helping you build wealth and prioritize living a life you love.  

An excellent way to create a comprehensive financial plan to fit your needs is to keep your values at the center. That’s why an in-depth values meeting is an essential component of our strategy sessions. 

  • What can you expect from our values meeting? 
  • Why can it improve your long-term financial picture? 
  • How does it support our mission to help you achieve “Wealth That Matters”? 

Let’s find out. 

How Values and Financial Planning Fit Together 

You are unique. You have goals, passions, relationships, and values specific to you, and that’s why people often don’t find success with cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all financial models. 

Like there are many types of doctors, there are many ways to build a financial plan. Your values give your plan meaning and purpose; it often opens up the broadest opportunities to customize. 

We work with hundreds of physician families, and it’s not uncommon for them to look alike on paper, with similar occupations and income levels. However, their values and goals set them apart, which results in diverse financial plans. For example, an orthopedic surgeon who wants to retire early to spend time with their family will have a different financial plan than a dermatologist looking to open her own practice. 

Values and goals can be centered around your career, family, faith, or other areas that impact your life, including:

  • Funding your child’s college tuition
  • Saving for retirement and retiring early
  • Donating your time and money to charity
  • Creating a stable estate plan

When your values inform your financial decisions, you start to use your money more intentionally. 

Uncover The Power Your Values Have On Your Money and Your Life 

Revealing your values is a deeply personal process, so we take these conversations seriously. Our innovative approach to financial planning allows us to scope a plan special to you. Now, let’s dive into what our values meeting looks like.

You should know that we conduct the values call before you decide to hire us. We believe in getting to know you first before bringing the numbers into the mix. Since it’s quite an in-depth conversation, we encourage you to openly speak your truth and develop a foundation of trust. 

Meetings typically last about 90 minutes and can be done virtually or in person. While some people are skeptical of virtual meetings, we’ve actually found that it presents an excellent opportunity because clients are relaxed and comfortable in their environment, so choose which option works best for you.

During our time together, we’ll complete two unique exercises. 

  1. The first is to uncover and discuss your “quick brain” about money decisions; in other words, your financial gut reaction. Are you a spender or a saver? How comfortable are you with market volatility? 
  2. The second is more in-depth. We ask you to prioritize various items and then explain how you define them and why they are important to you. For example, you may prioritize paying for your child’s education because you felt the financial burdens of student loans and want to help your child start their career debt-free.

As you can see, the values meeting is all about you. We focus on helping you create “wealth that matters,” and that starts by understanding who you are and what’s important to you, so your financial plan can support it. 

A Values Meeting is Vital For Couples: A Client Case Study

Each spouse gets uninterrupted time to talk about what’s on their mind during the values meeting. We’ve found that spouses will even learn from one another because so often, people struggle to tell their partner how they feel about ‘taboo’ topics or make these conversations a priority.

Here’s a real story from a Vestia client couple during a values meeting. Our client didn’t want to retire, but his spouse wasn’t happy with how much he was working.

After further discussions, his spouse wanted to travel more and thought that dream would be on hold until after he retired. Instead of retiring, the couple worked together and put a plan in motion to take an extra 8 weeks off per year—a win-win!

This discussion highlighted the root cause of some frustrations and opened up a space for both people to talk about what was most important to them. 

Why The Values Talk Supports Our Mission To Help You Find Wealth That Matters 

You likely aren’t building wealth just for the sake of building wealth; you want to find financial freedom, support your dream retirement, help your parents as they age, put your kids through college, and find joy in your daily life. 

A strong financial plan can help you accomplish those goals. We’d love to show you the Vestia difference. You dedicate so much time and effort into making money and building wealth; it should support everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

Get in touch with our team to set up your values meeting today.


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