Are Annuities A Good Long-Term Investment For Physicians?

You likely can’t find a more hotly debated topic in the financial space than annuities.  Annuities garner a whole host of negative press, but are they really that bad, or could they be a good complement to your long-term investment plan?  Let’s take a closer look at what an annuity entails. What’s An Annuity? An […]

What’s The Best Structure For A Doctor’s Disability Insurance Coverage?

Insurance and risk management aren’t often at the top of doctor’s massive to-do lists.  It’s not as alluring as investments or as inspirational as goal-setting, but it is the backbone to protect your funding toward those future endeavors. Doctors tend to have a significant amount of income to protect, and one especially critical area is […]

Insurance Mini-Series: When Can I Drop My Insurance?

For seasoned doctors, it’s important to be vigilant and intentional about the coverage you need and cancel the policies you don’t. Saving on premiums can boost your investments and cash flow and open the doors to other opportunities. Now that doesn’t mean you should ditch all of your policies to the curb, but there are […]

Insurance Mini-Series: A New Doctor’s Guide To Insurance

You’ve made it through med school and are knee-deep in residency — what comes next?  Asset protection.  You may be laughing to yourself thinking that asset protection is for the wealthy and all you have to show for your medical education right now is a pile of student debt, but remember a young doctor’s greatest […]

5 Keys That Can Make or Break Your Money As A New Doctor

New doctors have a lot on their plates, from landing a killer first job to building a new routine to starting to repay the mountain of student debt on their shoulders.  The first few years after residency or fellowship can set the tone for your financial future, and we want to help you make the […]