3 Creative Applications of a 401k Rollover

There are several benefits to going through a 401k rollover process – some of which can even save you money in the long-run! Let’s dive into three options and why it could make sense for doctors to initiate a rollover. When You Might Consider a 401k Rollover There are a few times that a 401k […]

How To Adopt An Abundance Money Mindset (and Why It Can Change Your Life)

Your unique views on money directly influence how you use it, and your mindset toward money can drastically impact your financial wellbeing. Your money mindset affects your decisions and helps you write your financial story. Here’s why your money mindset matters and how to adopt a positive abundance mindset.  What’s A Money Mindset? A money […]

Why Knowing The Value Of Your Time May Change The Way You Approach Money

What’s a physician’s most valuable asset? There’s a lot to choose from (education, job impact, salary, etc.), but many would agree that their most valuable asset is time—the time they have to build a fulfilling career, nurture relationships, engage in hobbies, and more.  Your time is valuable—but do you know how much? And how can […]

What’s Our “Values Meeting” and Why It’s Important For Your Money

At Vestia, we’re passionate about helping you build wealth and prioritize living a life you love.   An excellent way to create a comprehensive financial plan to fit your needs is to keep your values at the center. That’s why an in-depth values meeting is an essential component of our strategy sessions.  What can you expect […]

4 Simple College Planning Tips for Doctors With Kids

College planning is challenging, and it’s no secret that it can be pricey. It may seem overwhelming, but by developing a strategy early, you’ll be ready to send your kids off with confidence. Let’s take a look at college planning ideas for doctors with kids.

How COVID-19 May Have Changed Your Money Forever

From lockdowns to market volatility, COVID-19 has led many people to a financial awakening. Not only has the pandemic had a potential effect on your personal life, but also likely the way you spend and approach your money, too. Given the specific way COVID-19 impacted you and your loved ones, you may have experienced a […]