3 Creative Applications of a 401k Rollover

There are several benefits to going through a 401k rollover process – some of which can even save you money in the long-run! Let’s dive into three options and why it could make sense for doctors to initiate a rollover. When You Might Consider a 401k Rollover There are a few times that a 401k […]

What Type Of Retirement Plan Is Best For Your Orthopedic Practice?

You’ve decided to open your orthopedic practice—Congratulations! While building your patient base, hiring the right people, and practicing what you love, we believe keeping an eye on your (and your employee’s) future is essential. One potential way to do that is with the right retirement plan.  Today we’ll review several popular retirement plan options and […]

5 Ways Women Physicians Can Plan For Longevity In Retirement

Women live about 5 years longer than their male counterparts, on average. This longevity gap means that women may need to pay extra attention to how they’re saving for retirement, so they have enough to feel financially secure and confident in their golden years. While you don’t know how long you’ll live, it can be […]

It’s Open Enrollment. Here Are 5 Of The Best Tips For Physicians

Welcome to benefits season! While it may not be your first rodeo, there are some things physicians can do to prepare for open enrollment.  1. Enroll In The Right Medical Plan For You Choosing an appropriate health insurance plan can be overwhelming. You will likely have to decide between four plans and network types: HMO, […]

Feeling COVID Burnout? 4 Tips for Physicians Who Want To Retire Early

It’s no surprise that the global pandemic has made its mark in the medical space. For many physicians, the demand, stress, and hectic work environment have led to intense burnout. A study by the MGMA found that COVID-19 caused 45% of early retirements for doctors.  Have you been having thoughts about retiring early? Here are […]

Should Doctors Save More or Work Longer?

Like everyone else, physicians often wonder whether or not their retirement is on track. It’s all about building a strong foundation from the beginning — and there’s no time like the present to prepare for your future. When it comes to working toward retirement, we’re often asked, is working longer or saving more better? The […]