How Medical Practice Owners Can Creatively Save for Their Kid’s College

Owning a business means you may have creative ways to help save for your kids’ education.  With the average cost of tuition tipping $35,000 per year, saving early and consistently is the best way to meet your future goals. Let’s look at how medical practice owners can start saving for their children’s college expenses. Save […]

Time or Money-Weighted Returns, Is One Better Than The Other?

When you look at your investments, you’re likely only seeing if you made or lost money. That high-level snapshot isn’t comprehensive enough to determine how well your assets are really doing, if you’re on track, if you need to make changes, etc.   Is there a more accurate way to depict your portfolio’s performance long-term? Yes! […]

How COVID-19 May Have Changed Your Money Forever

From lockdowns to market volatility, COVID-19 has led many people to a financial awakening. Not only has the pandemic had a potential effect on your personal life, but also likely the way you spend and approach your money, too. Given the specific way COVID-19 impacted you and your loved ones, you may have experienced a […]

What Does A Physician’s Budget Look Like?

Do high earners need a budget? The short answer—yes. The need for a budget doesn’t hinge on your pay stub. Instead, it’s about taking control of your finances and making every dollar work for you. Here are our tips for physicians to build a budget that works.  Stop Budgeting and Start Cash-Flow Planning An effective […]

3 Simple Ways To Strengthen Your Relationship With Money

Too often money is considered the end-all-be-all as if it’s the centerpiece of life and sole barometer of success. Many doctors live to work and spend all of their time chasing and making money that they forget to live their lives.  We want to help physicians write a different story. Money is an incredible tool […]