How Tax Prep and Tax Planning Impact Physicians’ Money (And Why Each Matter)

Taxes don’t just begin and end in April—financial planners and advisors help physicians consider their tax strategy all year long. Creating an efficient tax strategy can help reduce your tax burden and reach your financial goals. A robust tax plan includes two fundamental processes, Tax preparation, and  Tax planning.  Let’s take a look at the […]

3 Generous Giving Strategies for Charitably-Inclined Physicians

Giving can be a significant part of your financial plan.  While the primary goal for donating is to support the causes you’re passionate about, it’s also wise to go about it in a financially-friendly manner.  Here are some ways that physicians can get in the spirit of giving and potentially reduce their tax burden along […]

The 3 Tax Buckets Physicians Need To Understand About Investing

There are several reasons why physicians invest—one is likely to build wealth and secure a comfortable retirement. But one important question mark is how that money will be taxed in retirement.  In general, there are three tax buckets physicians should be aware of while investing. Let’s dive deeper into each and determine if there’s one […]