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Empowering women physicians to shine – in their financial life and beyond.


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Custom Financial Solutions Designed Just For You

You are Brilliant. You are Driven. You are Dedicated. You are Trailblazing.

And yet – did you feel transparent in your last financial meeting? When you read through financial advisor websites, does it seem like a boy’s club where you aren’t welcome? 

The truth is, this stuff isn’t surgery. It may not be what you do every day, but we know you are beyond capable of understanding your finances!

We designed our planning process to start with uncovering the purpose for your money. By starting with what’s important to you, we design a completely customized plan to balance your desires in the present with your dreams for the future. This empowers you to enter what we call “Wealth That Matters™ .”

Goal-Focused Financial Services

Know Your Value.

Do you know how much your time is worth? Our team will help you understand the monetary value tied to your productivity and how your income can (and should) reflect all that you bring to the table.

Disability Insurance*.

Female doctors are often charged more than male peers for the same coverage. We’ll help navigate the marketplace to protect your livelihood (and advise on when to apply to best avoid a pregnancy exclusion!)

“Wealth That Matters®” Plan.

Your life is unique, so your financial plan should be anything but cookie-cutter. Together, we will use your purpose and values as a compass to balance your desires in the present with your dreams for the future.

Invest With Finesse.

Our mission is to help you balance your risk exposure with the growth you need to achieve your goals. We lead with education to help you to better understand what you have, why you have it, and how it will help achieve your purpose.

*Insurance brokerage services are offered through Vestia Insurance, LLC, a separate company.

The Future Is Female

Over half of new-to-practice physicians are women, yet the financial industry feels it was designed for men. Vestia™ broke the mold and designed our process for you. Our advisors are ambitious, brilliant women like you and men who understand women’s unique voices in the planning process. We have a heart for education over-prescription, and our advisors work collaboratively with you every step of the way.

Let us help you gain confidence and peace of mind around the money you work so hard to earn!

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