Wealth That Matters™
Financial First Assist for Orthopedic Surgeons
Orthopedic surgeons deserve an advisor that is a specialist, not a generalist. Your advisor should understand that buying into a surgery center could be more profitable than your stock portfolio! We need to be thinking about tax planning strategies, asset protection, and so much more – investments is only scratching the surface.

You have many competing priorities for your time, and planning for your financial health may not make the top of your list. With short time window to save for retirement, the opportunity cost of financial mistakes can be high. Vestia can bring you the innovative financial ideas just as you innovate to transform the lives of your patients.

Value-Add Solutions

Optimize Your Time

You’re short on time, and your patients, practice, and family are priority. Someone needs to be thinking about financial strategy. We can do the heavy lifting and you just make the decisions.

Asset Protection Planning for Orthopedic Surgeons*

Making money might seem easy but keeping it may be more challenging. We help our surgeons by designing creative structures that help build some walls around their hard-earned assets such as their practice, property, and investments while also protecting the greatest income-earning asset they own, themselves.

“Wealth That Matters”™ Plan

We need to understand what success looks like for your family. We will create a customized, efficient financial strategy and then drive to execute in a minimally invasive fashion.

Evidence-Based Investing

You rely on science and data to make decisions in the operating room and we do the same when it comes to portfolio management. We will help you evaluate opportunities and build an evidence-based strategy to support your goals

*Insurance brokerage services offered on a separate website owned and operated by Vestia Insurance, LLC (DBA Vestia Insurance Services and Vestia Benefit Solutions).

You Need a Quarterback for Your Trusted Team
Our team of action-oriented advisors understands that time is money for an orthopedic surgeon. We understand how busy you are – let us coordinate your team of professionals so you don’t have to. Once we understand your definition of success, you can have the confidence to delegate and know we are ON IT.

Let us be your First Assist and quarterback your financial life.

Interested in a First Assist for your Financial Life?