Happy Spring! We are hoping warmer temperatures are just around the corner- it is hard to believe it has been so cold this late into April!

Our transition over to Vestia is going well, and we look forward to rolling out some great processes improvements over the course of 2018. The first and most visible enhancement involves investment reporting. The full revamp will take a few months, but we wanted to provide a few updates as we approach our normal timeline for quarterly investment reporting.


The first Vestia portfolio reports will be available for most clients in early May.

Your first report will not include historical performance – just account values and portfolio allocation details.

You can expect historical performance information on your Q2 reports. Much of the data transfer is manual – our team is hard at work!

A big data project like this usually takes 3-12 months to be done with accuracy, and we will fall right around six. Many of our clients have been through big EMR changes recently, so you understand exactly what a project like this entails.

When this project is complete, you will have access to reports within a few days of quarter end.


You will notice a few slight changes to our model portfolios at Vestia. We have eliminated commodities and reduced the duration in our bond exposure. We will discuss these adjustments during your next meeting. Your portfolio will be updated over the next 6 months as it makes sense, paying attention to any tax implications and trade costs. You will be consulted prior to adjustments if there are major tax implications.


Coming off an above average 2017, early 2018 brought market volatility we have not seen in awhile. Most indexes dropped around 10% in early February, meeting the criteria for a market correction. However, this did not persist. Ultimately global markets ended the first quarter down just 1.28% [1]. US Bonds were down 1.46%, while international bonds were up 0.94% [2]. We con


We also wanted to share a few thought pieces with you that we find to be particularly relevant in the current climate – you will start seeing a similar round up each quarter. Feel free to read any or all that interest you.

Now and Then

by Dave Goesch in partnership with Dimensional Fund Advisors

The author reflects on the 2008 crash, what he has learned about investing, and the benefits of using a financial advisor to keep your emotions in check through periods of volatility.

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Rising Interest Rates…Should Investors Worry?

by John Scruggs, Loring Ward

A good explanation of how bond markets work and why we are more focused on short and intermediate term bonds than long term.

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Investing vs. Speculating: Cryptocurrencies and Your Portfolio

by Matthew J. Carvalho, Loring Ward

We have received a lot of questions this quarter from clients wondering if they should be investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This piece explains why such an investment doesn’t line up well with most long-term investing strategies at this time.

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As always, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact your advisor.